Drawing made by Lissa M

Drawing made by Lissa M



About the Dakkra Team

The goal: To create good clean music while keeping it entertaining and fun!

The Dakkra Team was founded in spring 2013
Chris Soderquist (Music artist and Website Designer): Chris is the founder of the Dakkra team. He makes the music does the majority of the site design and programming.
Nathan Loveridge (Website Designer): Nathan is our secondary web designer and programmer. He and Chris will have conversations and sessions discussing the websites design and how it should look.
Shelby Hewitt (Common Opinion): Shelby serves as our common opinion. She uses the site as a normal user and gives us feedback on how the site feels and what needs to be changed. She also serves as a great opinion on tracks that have yet to be released.
Madison Christensen (Lyrics Author): Madison will be writing out lyrics for future vocal songs.
Lissa M (Social Manager): When Chris is unable to reply to someone or is busy for a time, Lissa takes over and will be the person talking to you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc....